Quality & Attention to Detail

Fat Stance prides itself on providing the fitment related services the industry has to offer. Industry giants like Hoonigan, Donut Media, Bisimoto, Eibach, Stillen, and Tomei have trusted Fat Stance to work on their personal cars and customer's cars alike. Our goal is to provide the most seamless experience possible to each and everyone of our customers. 

What We Offer

Complete Fitment Builds

Have a dream? Let us help you turn that into a reality. Wheels, Tires, Suspension, Aero, you name it, we can make it happen. Fat Stance partners with a number of high quality shops to provide vinyl wrap, paint, alignments, and other related services.

Suspension Installation

We sell and install coilovers, air suspension, camber arms, toe arms, and related suspension components to get the exact look and feel you want for your vehicle.

Widebody and Aero Installation

Everything from Side Skirts and Lips to full Widebody kits. Precision to detail is in our blood and we make it a point to install every aero part on your vehicle as if it was our own.

Fender Rolling

The service that started it all. Fat Stance has been recognized as an industry pioneer in fender rolling. As much an art as it is a science. Fender Rolling involves carefully folding the fender and/or quarter panel lip material flat for extra clearance in your wheel wells. This has added benefit of providing a smooth surface in case of tire contact.

Fender Pulling/Flaring

Similar to Fender Rolling, Fender Pulling is even more of an art form. Depending on the car and material design, the panel is pulled and/or flared out to accommodate the widest stance possible (before going wide body!)

Fender Shaving

On rare occasion, fenders and quarter panels benefit from being cut or "shaved" instead of rolling. We reserve fender shaving for those rare instances. The lip is marked off, cut, sanded, and sealed to prevent rust.

Lexus Fenders

A proprietary process that produces clean fender rolls and pulls on Lexus fenders. With our process, there are no dents or divots visible on the outside of your fenders and quarter panels.

Porsche Fenders

Fat Stance can handle 4x130 and 5x130 Porsche Patterns for both Steel and Aluminum Body Panels

Manual "Rolling"

Some applications can't be rolled with a fender roller. In those instances, Fat Stance can provide manual "rolling". Most Truck and some classic "square" fender designs benefit from this process.

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Nathaniel was outstanding! I called him up with an emergency appointment for my n54 bmw. I had driven down from the SF Bay Area and was actually stranded due to such bad wheel rub, after installing coilovers. Nathaniel squeezed me in and showed up on time within 2 hours of the phone call. He was very professional and polite. The work came out excellent and he made sure I test drove it before leaving. His price were also substantially better than other places I had called. I don’t think you can beat “Fat Stance”. Awesome service, and awesome owner.

Nathaniel does great work! Such a clean fender roll, and no cracks or other issues. He was super friendly and gave me a lot of great pointers, as I’m new to modifying cars. I can’t wait to go to him for more work!

Fantastic Job. Rolled my rear fenders on my Porsche 996 to fit 305’s no more rubbing!! I would recommend him to everybody.

Professional, Honest, great prices, really recommend him.

Nathaniel you are awesome. Super friendly and great work. Cannot recommend highly enough. After calling multiple shops and hearing that my vehicle was a little more difficult than most Nathaniel sold me over the phone on how he was the man for the job. Everything turned out perfect. He went above and beyond to make sure that everything was perfect!

Guy was completely professional and super chill to be around... by far defiantly knows what he’s doing..i refer everyone i can to him.

I have a rare NA1 NSX and I based my decision to use this company from the reviews here. Thank you all for taking the time which helps other consumers. Nate was outstanding and he is very knowledgeable on what he is doing. I was reluctant to roll my fenders due to it being aluminum and only trained professionals should handle it. Nate did the job and cared for my vehicle. I’m so glad that I have met another specialist. I look forward to have Nate do the rest of my projects as well as recommend his services to anyone. Honest transaction and service. Keep up the good work Nate.