I'm new to Stance. How can I get help with setting up my car?

Click Here to setup a Virtual Stance Consultation. We'll setup a video call to go over your car and get you on the right track towards your build.

Do you offer discounts for multiple vehicles?

Absolutely. I offer multi-vehicle discounts as well as "Group Rolls". Send me a text or an email with a list of the cars, what each one needs, and where you'd like the services to take place and I'll get you a custom estimate.

How much space do you need to work on my vehicle?

The ideal amount of space is a flat area with 3 parking spaces worth of space and an electrical outlet within 100'. Smaller areas can work, but a minimum of 4 feet on either side of your car (simultaneously) and somewhere close by for me to park.

Note: If your home or work doesn't allow for this, here are some alternatives:

  • Ask a friend or relative if you can have the work done at their home.
  • Send me an email or text to have your vehicle worked on at one of my affiliate shops. 

Why do you take a deposit?

Taking a deposit secures your appointment and place in my queue (list of customers waiting for service). Doing so makes sure that you and I both block off time to have your car worked on.

What happens if I change my mind or need to reschedule?

Deposits are only refundable in the event that I need to reschedule our appointment and we can't find a mutually agreed upon reschedule date. In very rare instances, I will refund a deposit (your car is totaled, death in the family). However, reschedules and refunds are at my sole discretion. If you do need to reschedule, please do so with as much noticed as possible. Waiting until the night before our appointment interferes with my logistics and is unfair to anyone on my waitlist who would have gladly taken that appointment time.

I live outside your service area, can I still get work done?

The short answer: Possibly.

I frequently get asked to do work outside of Southern California. If you're in another part of California or in another state, please email me.

Note: There is a Minimum Service Amount for out of area request. Generally speaking, I recommend that you reach out to friends and members of your car club to get a group. This makes the services much more affordable for everyone.